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Music, Mutton, and More: Music Department Preps for 49th Annual Madrigal Dinners

By Daltyn Lofstrom Bemidji State University is holding its 49th annual Madrigal Dinners November 30th through December 3rd. Four evening performances of Dr. Paul Brandvik’s “The Truth Fairy” will take place at 7 p.m. each day with a 1 p.m. matinee December 3rd. Tickets are available in the Madrigal Dinners ticket office, room 101 in […]

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dir. The Spierig Brothers reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki How you responded to the news that an eighth Saw film would finally happen, after seven years of dormancy, will likely reflect your feelings on the film itself if you go see it. People who hated the series when it was fresh need not apply, especially if […]

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dir. Taika Waititi Reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki Although Thor and Loki are strong fan favorites in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the God of Thunder has been cursed with the worst films Marvel Studios has offered to date. Thor in 2011 was the absolute worst Phase One entry, where director Kenneth Branagh tried his hand at surpassing […]

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dir. Dean Devlin (reshoots dir. Danny Cannon) reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki On the heels of the recent storms that ripped through Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, one might wonder why Warner Bros. would opt to release this movie at this time. After all, MGM pushed back their Death Wish reboot from November to March right […]

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dir. Franck Khalfoun reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki Here I am after finally seeing a film that, even in a form that might be pretty far removed from its original intent, has been floating in the back of my mind for a couple years as a holy grail of sorts. For a while, the idea of […]



dir. Martin Campbell reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki Thanks to the ever-increasing influence of the Chinese market on international box office totals, we finally have another Jackie Chan vehicle making its way to a wide theatrical release in the States! One of the world’s greatest entertainers returns to American screens for the first time since the […]

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dir. Don Mancini reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki Even with all of the different directions the Child’s Play franchise took over the years, Don Mancini has remained the one consistent showrunner pinning all seven films together. He wrote all of the films up to Bride of Chucky before also taking on directorial duty from Seed of […]

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dir. Denis Villeneuve reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki When the original Blade Runner opened in 1982, it was saddled with narration from Harrison Ford, awkwardly shoved in to explain the obvious to the more “casual” (too polite of a term?) filmgoers coming in. This attempt to make Blade Runner more palatable to a wider audience was […]

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Nerds After Noon – Episode 1: A Nerdstory

This week, Stacey and Dakota kick-off the series discussing the history of “nerd culture” from the first known publishing of the word to Revenge of the Nerds to Star Wars to the Nerdist to bow-ties being cool. Nerds After Noon is an hour-long radio show/podcast aired everyday of the week at 1 p.m. on FM90 […]

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The Evolution of Franchise Horror

by Dakota Drobnicki Horror is a genre the public and the film community tend to have the biggest love/hate relationship with. Horror films typically rake in large sums of cash through word of mouth and viral marketing these days, but thanks to long-running public and critical stigmas against them, you usually aren’t going to see a […]

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