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dir. Martin Campbell reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki Thanks to the ever-increasing influence of the Chinese market on international box office totals, we finally have another Jackie Chan vehicle making its way to a wide theatrical release in the States! One of the world’s greatest entertainers returns to American screens for the first time since the […]

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dir. Don Mancini reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki Even with all of the different directions the Child’s Play franchise took over the years, Don Mancini has remained the one consistent showrunner pinning all seven films together. He wrote all of the films up to Bride of Chucky before also taking on directorial duty from Seed of […]

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dir. Denis Villeneuve reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki When the original Blade Runner opened in 1982, it was saddled with narration from Harrison Ford, awkwardly shoved in to explain the obvious to the more “casual” (too polite of a term?) filmgoers coming in. This attempt to make Blade Runner more palatable to a wider audience was […]

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Nerds After Noon – Episode 1: A Nerdstory

This week, Stacey and Dakota kick-off the series discussing the history of “nerd culture” from the first known publishing of the word to Revenge of the Nerds to Star Wars to the Nerdist to bow-ties being cool. Nerds After Noon is an hour-long radio show/podcast aired everyday of the week at 1 p.m. on FM90 […]

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The Evolution of Franchise Horror

by Dakota Drobnicki Horror is a genre the public and the film community tend to have the biggest love/hate relationship with. Horror films typically rake in large sums of cash through word of mouth and viral marketing these days, but thanks to long-running public and critical stigmas against them, you usually aren’t going to see a […]

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Cross-Cultural Cuisine: Brazil

By Stacey Kaslon Beatriz “Bea” Costa, a junior psychology major, comes to BSU from Recife, Brazil. Home of the international food festival Feira Internacional da Alimentacao, some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and one of the top places in the world for Carnaval, Bea embraces her culturally rich home. Occupied by the Portugese […]

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  dir. Neils Arden Oplev reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki In recent years, Sony Pictures has been neck-and-neck with Warner Bros. to see which of the two can be more delusional and prone to expensive bad decisions. Literally, the only good movies Sony plopped into theaters this summer were the crime thriller Baby Driver and Spider-Man: Homecoming the […]

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dir. Matthew Vaughn reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki Fans of spy films were overjoyed when Kingsman: The Secret Service dropped on Valentine’s Day weekend in 2015, providing action-packed and less cynically made competition to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. When I walked out of a packed screening on opening weekend, there was an extra spring in my […]

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dir. Darren Aronofsky reviewed by Dakota Drobnicki I’m not really huge on Darren Aronofsky’s work; I did love me some Black Swan back when that came out, but Requiem For A Dream for example, I understand why people love it but it never quite resonated with me personally. Not to mention that I’ve never seen Pi or The Fountain or even Noah— crucify me if need […]

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Ten Films for the Rest of 2017 (that Aren’t Sequels or Reboots)

by Dakota Drobnicki It! Thor: Ragnarok! Justice League (if that’s exciting now after Wonder Woman turned out to actually be really good)! Star Wars Episode VIII! Kingsman 2, Blade Runner 2, Daddy’s Home 2, Bad Moms 2, Madea Halloween 2, Pitch Perfect 3, Saw 8! Not to mention the Flatliners, Jumanji, and Death Wish reboots […]

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