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BSUSA’s Semester Starter

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 01/19/2011

The BSU Student Association met January 12, ready to continue the work they started during the fall semester.

Vice President Dr. Lisa Erwin had a few announcements for the BSUSA. She informed the senators that the BSU president’s cabinet has done a lot of work on recalibration for the budget issue. Currently on track with the model they had been working on for the new budget, January will begin to see the unveiling of the budget plan.

Erwin stressed that there will be many opportunities for student involvement during the week of January 16, including a meeting with President Richard Hanson. The meeting will be a dialogue between the president and the student association to announce recalibration, as well as moment for the budget model to be revealed.

In addition, a recalibration forum for students will be held on Thursday. This will be a chance for everyone to see the current plan. Nothing is set in stone, and the forum’s intention is to invite comment from the student body.

City Councilman Kevin Waldhausen also reported several items to the BSUSA.

Recently, some crosswalk signs have been added around campus to help alert drivers of students crossing to and from class. After the snow has cleared, signs similar to the ones on Paul Bunyan Drive will be added in the street as well. This was done in response to a request by the BSUSA to try and gain a safer street for students and drivers.

Also, the pedestrian crosswalks have seen some difficulty with the level of snow around the buttons for the street lights. A city engineer has been contacted and asked to help out with clearing the piled up snow, and they will look into sending a crew out. Waldhausen said that hopefully the city will also take action and help clearing off pedestrian walkways of snow.

Waldhausen also mentioned his progress with the 2 a.m. bar closing time. This change would help the economy within Bemidji. The city council has passed this, but not without some disagreement.

One of the reasons Police Chief Gerald Johnson would not vote to pass the new law was a cited quote from Minnesota Public Radio. The quote stated that BSU students are notorious for binge drinking and irresponsible behavior. Waldhausen felt that students should know, so they have the opportunity to dispute the statement.

Working to integrate the new with the old, the BSUSA finished some intraorganization work that proved to be more grueling in past meetings, and were able to move on with more recent work. Looking though the bylaws, the BSUSA was able to complete their work on re-interpreting each article. Afterward, each committee met to discuss what they will try and work for in the coming semester.

Projects such as promoting Uloop.com and painting the tunnels have a good start and will still be a focus for the Student Affairs committee. A new project for the University Affairs Committee will be fixing the leak in the tunnels connecting Oak and Walnut Hall. The committee will also look into providing transportation to women’s hockey games as well as men’s games.

The BSUSA continues to explore options within the Bookstore Advisory Committee to determine where the school’s books will come from. Currently, the committee is beginning to interview different sources to find the best deal for the school. From the information already gathered, the choice appears to be up in the air at the moment, but there are enough good candidates to leave the committee hopeful that they will find the best fit.

The next BSUSA meeting will be held January 19.