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Amber Gran | A& E Editor | 02/02/2011


How do you deal with a roommate who is constantly complaining about everything all the time and refuses to talk to you about their complaints or why they are doing it? I know that sounds very general and silly, but seriously, it’s starting to get on my freaking nerves.

Short like a fuse and about to go out


Short like a fuse and about to go out,

In this situation it is best to just sit them down and tell them. If however, they refuse to talk to you about any situation then you can always make them uncomfortable by making it awkward and bringing it up catching them off guard. Like say right before bed, when they finish their homework, or while you may be watching TV or cleaning.

They might just out right tell you they don’t want to talk about it, and if that is the case, then you need to explain your side of the story. Tell them how they’ve been making you feel, and if all else fails, explain to them that if it continues to this extreme that one of you may have to get a new place to live. If the situation is a close friend, just explain that if you both cannot compromise and make this work, then you are just better friends living apart.