Ask Amber

Amber Gran | A&E Editor | 03/23/2011
Dear Amber,

I live off-campus. I don’t really get along with my current roommate, but she keeps asking me what I am doing about my living situation next year.  I’m not a mean person and I don’t want to flat out tell her that I’m sure as hell not living with her next year, but I’m really not sure how to say it nicely either.  I haven’t figured out my living situation for the next year, but I’ve been lying and saying that I’m either moving back into the dorms or I’m living with another friend, both of which are a lie.  I really don’t know what to tell her.  What should I do?

Living in a Lie
Dear Living in a Lie,

This is a sticky situation, but I think that you have to be honest with your roommate.  It will most likely be hard to explain, but you will eventually need to tell her that your roommate experience with her hasn’t been the most pleasant and that you’re looking for other options in terms of living and roommates.
This situation doesn’t necessarily have to be about her; you can simply say that living off-campus with close friends has made you realize a few things about yourself and how you are used to living — this year’s experience didn’t meet your expectations.  Either way you look at it, you don’t have to put her down. It’s all about keeping a good relationship with that person so that the next few months are smooth this semester.
Good luck in finding a new living situation and remember to keep your head up!