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Ask Amber

Amber Gran | A&E Editor | 01/26/2011

Dear Amber,

I am an incoming freshman starting college a semester late. You see, I am an only child and my parents weren’t exactly too thrilled about me leaving for college. They like to keep tabs on me and I am sure if they could have put me in a bubble, they would have all through my teen years. Now that I am in college though, they call me all the time, between my mom’s lunch hour voicemails and my dad’s late night words of wisdom, it really feels like I didn’t even leave home. How can I tell them gently that I need some space?

Girl stuck in an imaginary bubble.


Dear Girl stuck in an imaginary bubble,

The worst thing you can do is avoid them. Especially seeing as how you mentioned you are an only child. It is going to be tough, but they love you and want what is best for you. Just take some time and call your mom or dad, or have them both on the line at the same time and tell them that calling so much is just that, too much. Tell them it is hard to concentrate on school when you are so worried about what they think you are out doing. Suggest maybe a scheduled phone call, start small like once a week, and move to once or twice a month. You need to break the barrier softly. If they are scheduled they will know that you are taking time for them and that you are okay. Good luck!