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Ask Amber

Amber Gran | A&E Editor | 2-9-2011


Lately I have been feeling very depressed and guilty. See, I can’t get a job in this town. I have applied everywhere. My parents keep sending me money, but I don’t feel right taking it. What should I do.




It’s hard to receive help when there’s underlying guilt. Sometimes, however, you just have to take the help, even if it is financial assistance. Accept the fact that you can’t do this alone (at least you can’t right now) and try to move forward and not make the same mistakes again.

Show your parents in little ways how appreciative you are. Give back to them in the little ways you can: send them a card, a letter, call them, show them how to Skype so you cant video chat with them, etc.

When you acknowledge the help they are giving and when you give back gratitude you will see a surprised expression most likely and will feel a lot better about the situation. In the mean time, keep up the job search, times are tough but it will all pass eventually.