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Amber Gran | A&E Editor | 01/19/2011

Dear Amber,

There is this really cute guy who I’ve been watching from afar since freshman year. He’s really cute.  It’s just that every time I try to approach him, I seem unable to do anything but turn around and walk away, embarrassed.  He’s really cute and is on the hockey team and real nice and cute. I’ve only talked to him a couple of times throughout the span of 2 years, and they were about two second conversations. He’s the cutest guy in the whole wide world.  My question for you is how do I strike up a conversation that’ll have a possibly promising future? If that made sense.

Thank You,

Infatuated & Impatient


Infatuated & Impatient,

Perfect sense! First off, set a goal. Tell yourself maybe you want to have had one good conversation with this guy by the end of the month, if you are daring you could start with a week, but just remember that it is never a good idea to just dive into things. Especially if you get flustered around him as it is. Take slow steps.

Second, pay attention to detail. Find something you have in common with him. Is it a class, maybe some image or wording on a tee shirt he’s worn that just happens to be your favorite band (I am not saying lie, that is never a good way to build a foundation either. Be honest). Do you enjoy hockey, if so, that would be a great way to grab his attention.

You could also, again on the brave side of the spectrum, simply ask him if he wants to go for coffee, or a beverage of his choice, and see how things go from there. The biggest thing is to just keep your cool and don’t let his cuteness get in the way. I also probably wouldn’t bring up the fact that you have had a crush on this guy for a few years, unless he does about him having had one on you. Be confident, and good luck.