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BSU Sustainability Office Enters into Short Video Contest

Emily Rice | Staff Writer | 02/02/2011

The Sustainability Office, with the help of the Academic Technology Center, has entered BSU into the CERTs Clean + Green video shorts contest. If BSU’s video, “Beavers Cut More Than Trees” has the most votes by January 31, then the Sustainability Office, thus BSU, will win $500. There are 12 videos that have entered, each under 3 minutes long.

CERTs (Clean Energy Resource Team) is an organization that educates on the importance of sustainability and “going green.” CERTs has already donated to BSU by helping to fund the $20,000 Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon program. BSU’s own Sustainability Coordinator, Erika Bailey-Johnson, and a professor on campus are members of CERTs—Northwest Region, Steering Committee.

Alongside Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Office of Energy Security, CERTs replaced light fixtures in Deputy Hall and the BSU gymnasium (and eventually Bangsberg Hall) with T8 and T5 fluorescent bulbs. Once all three projects are complete, it is believed that the school will save $20,000 annually.

If BSU wins the film contest, Bailey-Johnson said that the money would go to the Sustainability Office, “but we are talking about what to do with it that would benefit that entire campus.”

The Sustainability Office has contributed, rather silently, to the campus in many ways. Not long ago they installed 34 Vending Misers onto the BSU vending machines. The Vending Misers are motion activated and essentially put the machine on stand-by when not in use. This stand-by mode allows the machine to operate 46 percent more efficiently. The office is also the founders of the BSU dorm contest “Do it in the Dark” that is currently underway.

The video votes will be counted on February 2. Whether BSU wins or not, the video will be put on the Sustainability Office’s website.

If you would like to know more about CERTs check out their website, www.cleanenergyresourceteams.org.