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BSUSA Looks at Communication

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 03/30/2011

The BSU Student Association meetings on February 23 focused mostly on communication.

With senate elections for new co-presidents and senators coming up at the end of March (March 28 to April 1), University Liaison Arthur Johnson brought up an idea to try to draw more students to be a part of campus politics.

While the elections will run normally (senators will either be appointed or elected), Johnson would like to try to promote communication to “build a more informed voter.”

He intends to have the event take place in the Lakeside Food Court, where it will be filmed and would have about an hour of questions. There will also be tabling around the Lower Union around lunch time and at Walnut Hall during supper time.

Other senators were concerned about the time and effort that would go into this project. Some issues were whether or not the airing of the debate will be seen by enough people or if it will even work to raise awareness within students. Johnson felt it was best at least try to change how informed students are about their own representatives due to some co-president elections only receiving a total of 50 votes. The proposal will be looked at more during the next meeting.

The meeting was also the first filming by KBSU TV, who will now be airing BSUSA meetings for students on campus television.

Jonathan Mercil from the campus station spoke with the BSUSA to inform the senators about different technical details that will be added to the meetings. He explained that there would be four cameras set up with microphones stationed for student use during the meetings.

One issue some senators had with the upcoming set up was the idea of broadcasting the names of the senators. It was decided to allow names and contact information to be added in order  to provide a better way to communicate with senators — to send suggestions or comments about bills and other issues the BSUSA is covering.

“We’re trying to get exposure between [the BSUSA] and the students,” Mercil said. “Using the TV as a medium, getting them to view this and the issues at hand.”

The BSUSA meetings will air at 8 p.m. every Thursday.