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Man in Bathrobe Arrested in Memorial Hall

Kim Powell | Staff Writer | 01/26/2011

A man was put in restraints in Memorial Hall on Wednesday, January 19 after causing a disturbance between the Student Technology Center (computer lab) and the Mail Room in the basement.

“He was wearing a blue bathrobe,” said an eye witness who wished to remain anonymous, “and was just being really loud…[and] belligerent.”

Public Safety received “a report of a male individual screaming and causing a disturbance,” stated their blotters.

The man, who is a currently enrolled student of Bemidji State, was taken into police custody at about 11:32 a.m., after Public Safety and the Bemidji Police talked with him for a while.

“He was harassing a girl only at first,” said the eyewitness. “Then when the girl came into the nursing lab he sat on the green couch in Memorial and kept being really loud.”

Many eyewitnesses refused to discuss the event, even though several rumors were spread across campus, including that the individual had dilated eyes and was heard shouting to God, but these rumors have not been confirmed.

Memorial Hall was closed off for about a half an hour after the disturbance. The man was then taken to North Country Regional Hospital.

According to the Public Safety blotters, University conduct charges were forwarded on the man for breaking the Student Code of Conduct.

The Northern Student was unable to gain access to more information.