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Student Association Gets the Word Out

Recalibration and Budget Informative Venues

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 02/02/2011

The BSU Student Association gathered January 26 to further discuss recent recalibration announcements.

With the public release of the elimination of Art History and Theater programs, the BSUSA has decided that their next meeting will be different from their traditional gatherings. Today at 4 p.m., the Student Association will meet in the Beaux Arts Ballroom to hold a discussion with BSU students.

Students who attend will be able to give suggestions and converse with the other students and student senators. This will be an opportunity for ideas to be brought out in the open with the chance of organizing possible solutions to the budget deficit. Co-President Michael Meehlhause stated that the event will not be a forum; it will be a discussion for concerned students with other equally concerned students.

President Richard Hanson has released office hours for the month of February for students to speak to him directly. The order of meetings will be on a first come, first serve basis.

The BSUSA will be trying to release more information about their work with the budget. Senators Arthur Johnson and Gabe Wakonabo will be on the radio to answer budget questions from student callers. Other senators will be giving “class wraps” that will wrap up the information to classes about what is happening with BSUSA and the budget.

The Student Affairs Committee met and discussed the BSUSA’s logo being painted in the tunnels. They will look into passing the design to help advertise the Association to a wider group on campus.

The University Affairs Committee discussed what they did with the past semester and what they hope to achieve in the upcoming semester.  They decided to focus mainly on the budget and different ideas to figure out what is happening with the school. The box top donation for Central School has been updated. Containers for the box top will be labeled and distributed to the kitchens.

The Bookstore Advisory Committee will be meeting with Vice President Bill Maki to make the final decision on what bookstore will supply Bemidji State for the next five years.

The BSUSA also passed a bill to pay for 11 delegates to travel to a conference in the Twin Cities on February 4-6.

Finally, a bill was looked at to set up a meeting with different student group leaders. The goal of the meeting will be to inform them about Uloop.com. This was not passed yet, but it can be expect to be brought up again.