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The Touché Gallerie: Best of 2010

Emily Rice | Staff Writer | 01/26/2011

The Touché Gallerie is currently featuring Art Association’s Best of 2010, an exhibit that showcases students’ artwork that was collected by submission entry.

The exhibit, which runs through January 28, features classic mediums such as sculpture, ceramics, metals and jewelry, painting, charcoal and chalk drawings, and some new forms of art such as screen-print, monoprints and collagraphs, and book sculpture.

Jon Billing, a senior graduating with his BFA in Visuals Arts with an emphasis in sculpture is Co-President of Art Association along side Darin Hansen, who graduated last year with a Design Technology degree and is now working toward a BFA in Visual Arts.

Billing said that the Best of 2010 is “a collection of work from students who made art in 2010. It’s a representation of some of their best work.” All who submitted were given a spot in the exhibit.

With the help of Billing, Hansen and Art Association, this exhibit was able to come together for the first time. Art Association is a student club open to all who are interested in art. The group organizes events, workshops, Museum Experience bus trips, and are also are in charge of Gallery X and the Ramsey Gallery.

The Touché Gallerie is also the home for many senior shows and class showcases. From January 31 through February 11 Ian Higgins’ Senior Show will be exhibited, then February 15 through February 25 Linda Browns’ sculpture class students’ art will be exhibited.

“Art Association is looking for new people,” said Billing. “Most of us are graduating and we want this to keep going.” He emphasised that keeping people interested in art is important, especially in the light of the budget cuts.

If you are interested in being a part of Art Association, meetings are every Wednesday at noon in Education Arts 229. Or feel free to contact Billing at jonathan.billing@st.bemidjistate.edu.

If you would like to submit your artwork for possible showcasing in the Touché Gallerie go to www.bemidjistate.edu/students/ hobson_union/touché/ for submission guidelines and further details, or call at 218-755-3760.