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Through an Editor’s Eyes

Elisa Kay Boettcher | Editor-in-Chief | 02/09/2011

Henry Anatole Grunwald once said, “Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.”

As journalists, we at the Northern Student strive to provide our readers with campus, local, and national news any way that we can.

I’m sure many of you have noticed that the Northern Student has been going through some changes.  In the last semester, we became a part of the Mass Communications Dept. after 20 years of separation; added four pages to make a twelve-page spread; introduced full color on our front, center and back pages; and accepted the guidance of Carl Sewall as our new adviser.  Some of the changes we made were temporary, our 12-page publication again became eight, we decided to remove the Bemidji Pioneer as an insert, and lost our domain name for the website.

As the academic year progresses and we struggle to understand Minnesota’s $6+ billion deficit, it’s so easy to let the down-trodden economy get to us.  To be honest, it’s hard not to be in denial of the situation at hand but I also have to be honest and tell people what’s going on.

The Northern Student is making some changes that will drastically alter the way this university gets its news.  The economy has hit us really hard and as of this week, we no longer have the funds to produce a weekly printed newspaper.  Though we anticipated that we would hit some financial struggles, we had no idea that they would come so fast.

The Northern Student production staff is currently looking into all of it its options including a bi-weekly newspaper or a monthly magazine, along with current updates on our newly forming website www.northernstudentonline.com.

It breaks my heart to say that the Northern Student will be taking a break until we can figure out how to produce a newspaper that we are proud of and stay financially stable at the same time.  We are so proud of the hard work and determination to keep this paper afloat that our staff has put forth in this pressing time and would hope that as fellow-journalists they will stand behind us as we face these obstacles.

It is going to be a rough road and it will take a lot of long hours to get this publication back to where it once was.  I can only hope that there will be an audience to read it when we’ve finished our overhaul.

I want to stress that we are not going away for good; this is simply our way of battening down the hatches, lowering the boom, raising the mizenmast and going full speed ahead.

Print is still alive and I intend to spend every moment of my time to get the Northern Student back in the newsstands on campus.  This is only a temporary situation; we will be back in print, if not this semester, for sure the next.

Please look to the bulletin boards on campus for the launch of our new website www.northernstudentonline.com and please know that we haven’t given up on the Northern Student, so please don’t give up on us.