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Touché Gallerie Showcases ‘For The Birds’ by Senior Ian Higgins

Emily Rice | Staff Writer | 02/09/2011

Ian Higgins is currently showcasing his senior art show of paintings, free-standing sculptures and print-making in the Touché Gallerie.

Higgins is a senior majoring with a B.A. in Art with an emphasis in print-making, which Higgins explains as “glorified stamps.”

He became an artist because that is what he likes to do—“I have always enjoyed making stuff. I like art and I find it fun,” said Higgins.

He has been working on his show for a year and his primary inspiration is radio tower.

“I had a weird obsession with radio towers, well, towers in general,” said Higgins. “Some do trees and nature; I do towers.”

His artist statement explains, “The title, ‘For The Birds,’ came from the concept that most [of] these structures are placed into rural landscapes with minimal human interaction. They are home to flora, fauna, avian and electricity. Humans don’t live there. They only care that it keeps working.”

After graduating from Bemidji State, Higgins is thinking about attending grad school in Grand Rapids, Mich. But, of course, he will miss the teachers “who are really nice and very fun,” as well as the students—“basically all of the people,” he said.

“I’m sad to see some of the teachers go who have influenced me, but I am glad for their help through my time here at BSU,” said Higgins. “I would like to personally thank Jason Clark and Kyle Crocker for everything that they have done.”

Higgins’s senior art show “For The Birds” will be on display in the Touché Gallerie until February 11.