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Uloop.com: A Craigslist for College Students

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 01/26/2011

Uloop, a website where students can access items and services in the area and within their university, launched in 2008 for BSU students.

The site, which allows students to inquire about finding a roommate, transportation, internships, scholarships, services and supplies was noticed by Nicholas Nelson, a student senator, who was on a quest to deliver such a site to BSU students.

“Getting students to use Uloop has been one of the biggest priorities,” said Nelson. “Last year, co-president Clark brought up UND’s site [University of North Dakota], and it started me on my mission to help BSU students. Then, Mary Tosch, the director of the Hobson Memorial Union, brought Uloop to my attention.”

Nelson was impressed with the site.

“The site is fantastic.  BSU has it’s own page now, and it is broken down into different categories.  Last year, the Student [Association] officially supported the implementation of a site that would allow students to buy, sell, and trade books and more.”

Uloop was founded in 2007 by Corey Cleek, Ryan McCarthy and Scott Lewis.

“The motivation was to provide a nationwide classifieds marketplace for college students to meet their practical needs,” said Greg Edson, a  representative for the private company.

Despite possessing the ability to buy, sell and request products online, students using the website only have 10 items for sale, one request under the carpool tab, and no requests for roommates or housing.  Of the 105 colleges in Minnesota, only 40 have a page on Uloop for their students to use.

Many students are unaware of the site’s existence, but some gained interest in the site when informed of its content.

“Never heard of it,” said BSU student Dylan Sievers when asked if he knew about Uloop. “I would check it out.  I’m writing it down right now.  It sounds like a good thing for students to use.  Looking at internships, books and scholarships on there would be useful.”

Nelson also uses the site.

“I have posted a mini-fridge, a nursing book and a history book,” he said.

Publicizing the site has brought Nelson and the other student senators some success.

“We have hung up signs and have placed some into the classrooms,” said Nelson.  “As a result, Uloop has received some use.”

When asked what students are using the site to sell, Nelson replied, “So far, students are utilizing the site to sell their Iclickers.  The Iclicker that normally sells for $35 is on Uloop for $15, and there are four Iclickers for sale.”

Although the website hasn’t caught on quite yet, Nelson had high hopes.

“I absolutely expect the site to grow overtime,” he said. “It is the intent of the Student [Association] to get students to fully utilize the site.  It’s a great resource for students, and the Student [Association] is committed to its promotion.”