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What to Watch For

“Never Say Never”

Amber Gran | A&E Editor | 01/26/2011

The young Canadian has done it again, this time in film format. Sixteen-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber is coming out with his very own movie following the title of his latest single, “Never Say Never.” The TV movie is about his life. It’s the typical, as the trailer states, “rags to riches” storyline.

As a talented young fellow with a dream of becoming big, Bieber was originally discovered on YouTube in October of 2008, since then he has been signed to RBMG, the Raymond Braun Media Group, owned by Scooter Braun and R&B singer Usher Raymond. He is now signed with Island records and selling millions of albums all over the world. Of course the next best thing would be to make a movie.

For those of you die hard fans, be sure to get tickets, for the movie premiers in theaters on February 11.