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What’s On Her Playlist This Week?

Natasha Bedingfield’s “Strip Me”

Amber Gran | A&E Editor | 01/26/2011

I believe quite fully in the power of music; that the right song at the right moment can make a person feel better, even if only for a split second.

Now, I thought about compiling another playlist, but when I started placing songs together, there were just so many to choose from that I couldn’t decide. So I set my computer aside and called it a day. On my way to work the next day I put in a Natasha Bedingfield CD, which I have listened to plenty of times and I always seem to skip the first song to get to my absolute favorite tracks.

I was so busy concentrating on driving that I let the track play, and the first line of the first song happens to be, ”Sometimes it hits like a car crash,” which I found very coincidental because last Thursday I was in a very bad car accident. It was clearly meant to be for me to hear this song. It was as if it was fate.

British pop singer Natasha Bedingfield has been singing about finding one’s true self for years. She recently came out with her third album last month titled, “Strip Me,” which is full of self inspiring tracks and definitely deserves a little spotlight in my column.

The tracks talk about discovering and embracing the real you, and other tracks that are just about life’s little games. For example, in her song “Touch,” Bedingfield puts truth to music when she sings, “Every choice we make and every road we take, every interaction starts a chain reaction, we’re both affected when we least expect it…”

I like most music, but I am usually turned away a bit by anything mainstream. I saw Bedingfield perform the most popular song on the album on Rachael Ray’s Christmas special, and it was phenomenal. This album is not your typical “pop” sound. It is great for relaxing and doing a bit of soul searching in some down time, but also has some great beats for dancing and belting out in the car too.

I would suggest this for anyone questioning what they are meant to be doing in life; it might shed a bit of light on your situation depending on the circumstances.