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“Whistling At Dawn” Comes to Gallery X

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 01/19/2011

Gallery X is currently hosting “Whistling at Dawn,” an exhibit of photography by Leif Voltz, an elementary education major.

Voltz’s interest in photography started around the age of 13, when he received his first camera. Later on, he used a digital camera his father owned for his job. He took pictures around his grandmother’s farm, which impressed his parents. This was Voltz’s first realization that photography was something he wanted to do more of.

After hearing about Gallery X, one of three galleries in the Education Arts Building, and knowing that students could put their art in the gallery, Voltz decided to have his art featured, signing up for a two-week exhibit. Part of the reason behind wanting to put pictures in the gallery was the opportunity to get his work seen by the general public for the first time.

“We have this opportunity, and it’s a small enough school that we have these opportunities,” Voltz said. “I just wish people had more motivation to put themselves in uncomfortable situations and push themselves forward.”

The photos he selected were taken over the summer of 2009 and fall of 2010 in Eastern Switzerland, his grandmother’s farm in southwest Minnesota and Savanna Portage State Park.

When it came to finding the pictures he wanted to use in the gallery, Voltz was not sure what he wanted to submit. Getting help from his brother, an art education major, and visiting different galleries, Voltz began looking though his pictures and finding his favorites.

One of the key elements he looked for was a theme to go with his photos, something he knew about through his brother. Finally, Voltz decided on the theme of light due its presence throughout the his photographs.

Through poetry and writing, Voltz came upon the idea that “sometimes when you see light, you can hear something in it.” This led to the show’s title “Whistling At Dawn.” The photographs featured display many different effects of light during different times of day and the effects of light on different aspects of nature.

Going into his fifth year, Voltz would like to submit his work to a gallery again, because he enjoyed the time spent on putting together this exhibit. Voltz sees photography as something he wants to be part of his life, but is not interested in pursuing it as a career.

This was something he thought about during when he first came to BSU with the intent to major in music. Not wanting to make something he loves into something work-related, he changed his major.

“It’s the difference between work life, and life life, and trying to find a balance,” said Voltz.

“Whistling At Dawn” will be available through January 21. Due to the absence of an opening event, Voltz will holding a closing reception from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome to meet the artist.