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Fools For Rowan Rocks Homecoming

Peder Aalgaard & Dylan Davison | Staff Writer & Guest Writer | 10-12-2011
Bemidji State University hosted a concert performed by the band Fools for Rowan (FFR) on Friday, October 7, 2011. Fools for Rowan is an up and coming band that is quickly rising to the spotlight and is making quite a presence on the rock music scene. Their energy levels during the concert stayed high for the whole night, which passed on to their very enthusiastic fans in attendance.
The name Fools for Rowan came from lead vocalist Erin Mullins, who combined her mother’s name and grandfather’s name (Robin and Darwin), due to their support when she was starting. The band formed after Mullins started a solo project. She decided that the project would be better as a group and met the current members through a friend.


The band members’ musical interests tend to fall all over the place but still touch on country and rock; Erin Mullins mentions Aerosmith as one of her favorite bands. This has led to a mixture of alternative/country/rock. Their process for coming up with a song starts with a feeling. Mullins said the band looks for a certain feeling that can be built upon and finding a drive in their songs that can then be played upon.  They have felt fans tend to enjoy “It’s Alright” and “Burnt Around the Edges,” which both have a feeling of better things around the corner.

According to the band members, the most difficult part of getting started was getting their name known. They have played in front of friends, gotten friends to bring their friends, and tried to build up the fan base as much as possible. They have even gotten the opportunity to open up an Evanescence concert in Nashville back in August.

As a whole, Fools for Rowan has worked hard to play as many shows as possible and have high attendance at their shows. The band member’s families have given 100% support in their artistic pursuits. Fools for Rowan put on a show full of rock ‘n’ roll to their fans’ delight. The feedback from the fans was overwhelmingly positive with many fans calling for a return next fall.

For more information on Fools for Rowan, visit their website www.foolsforrowan.com and sign up for news and information on their up and coming tour dates and for chances to win many exciting prizes.