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Homecoming Week Comes and Goes: CAB Looks Back on Last Week’s Events

Alex Schlee | Staff Writer | 10-14-2011
The week of BSU’s Homecoming has come and gone, leaving the Campus Activities Board (CAB) to look back and review the week of events they put together to celebrate the university’s alumni.  This year’s homecoming began on October 3rd and lasted until the 8th, and featured a different campus-wide event each day. 

Kicking off the week was the homecoming coronation, which began at 8 p.m. on Monday, October 3 in the John Glas Fieldhouse.  It was estimated that about 100 people were in attendance at the coronation.  Students Tyler Brown and Paige Timm, both sponsored by the Student Senate, were crowned King and Queen.  According to Brown and Timm, about 11 other students sponsored by other campus organizations ran for election.

As homecoming King and Queen, Brown and Timm attended all events during the week.  It was their responsibility to promote, attend, and help out with each scheduled event during the homecoming celebrations, as well as provide a model representation of BSU’s students.  Most of their part in the festivities was ceremonial in nature.

“The only thing we really administrated was the cookie giveaway [on Tuesday],” said Brown.

The “Babe” cookie giveaway mentioned by Brown was held in the Lower Hobson Union at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, October 4.  At this event, cookies shaped like Babe the Blue Ox were offered for free to students passing through the Union throughout lunch time up until 1 p.m.  The giveaway was held as a way to promote CAB while providing something fun and spontaneous for students.

“We wanted to give back to the students,” explained Andrea Bodin, the president of CAB.

As the week went on, CAB hosted more involved events for students to participate in, including a bowling night at Bemidji Bowl on Laurel Drive from 9:15 p.m. to midnight on Wednesday, and a movie night in Room 100 of Hagg-Sauer Hall featuring Transformers 3 at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

“[The bowling night] is always popular,” said Bodin.  “We had people waiting in line to get a lane. We had it busy until midnight!”

The movie night on Thursday was not as busy as bowling the previous night had been, though attendance was still about as was expected.  An estimated 300 students came to see the movie, filling about half the seats in Hagg-Sauer’s Room 100.

The only event planned for homecoming week that didn’t go exactly as planned was held on Friday night, when rock band Fools for Rowan came to Bemidji to play a free concert on the lawn between Oak and Maple Halls.  The concert was originally planned to take place outside, but had to be moved to the John Glas Fieldhouse due to poor weather; however, this wasn’t too much of a setback for CAB, as they had ample warning.

“[The weather] didn’t affect much of the setup. . .we decided to move inside around 11 a.m., and setup didn’t start until 2,” Dylan Davison, the CAB member in charge of coordinating the concert, explained.

The Fools for Rowan concert was actually the only event Brown and Timm did not attend. Instead, they attended an Honors Gala at the Sanford Center that night.  The Gala was held to honor BSU’s alumni and to induct several new members to the Alumni Society, and Brown and Timm were there to represent BSU’s students.

The dinner was a formal event, and lasted three hours. “It was pretty classy,” said Timm.

To cap off the week, there was a homecoming football game held at Chet Anderson Stadium on Saturday night against Concordia University, St. Paul.  The Beavers won the game 20 to 7.

Looking back on homecoming week, CAB, Brown and Timm reflect that everything went smoothly.  “I think we actually had an improvement from last year, as far as the coronation and everything went,” said Bodin.

“I had a lot of fun,” said Timm.

“Yeah, it was a good time,” added Brown.  “I got to take on a different role for a week.”