Student Life


Advice Columnist | 10-26-11

Dear Allie,
My boyfriend thrashes in his sleep, keeping me awake. We have a spare bedroom, so I suggested we do our sleeping separately. He worries that friends will see our separate beds and think we have sexual problems. I’m tired of going to work exhausted — and not for a good reason.
— Bleary

Dear Bleary,
What kind of friends do you have that they’d come over for parties and inspect your home for signs of sexual activity? And how would they know you’re sleeping in separate rooms? If you don’t tell them, they should never know.
I did a little bit of research and the truth is, per news reports, more and more couples are doing their sleeping separately — for reasons like yours.
It is common to arrange your life around impressing your friend, when you’re in high school. But, you two are in college and adults now. Neither of you have anything to be ashamed about, go ahead and tell your friends, maybe even have little fun and make them feel a little uncomfortable when you do, it’ll release the tension off of you and onto them.

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