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Advice Columnist | 11-7-2011

Dear Allie,

I’m a single mom of three. I go to college part-time and have a full-time job. I love my kids, but I need a night to myself once in awhile, but terrified of leaving my kids alone with a stranger as a babysitter. Please help me!

Stressed Mommy

Dear Stressed Mommy,

Do not get yourself down about wanting a night to yourself, you deserve it! However, that is quite understandable about being unsure of leaving your kids with a stranger. I think it is safe to say that all parents have that fear.

There are ways you can not only have a night to yourself, but feel at ease about leaving your kids with the babysitter. You could ask your family or close friends to watch them. Or perhaps do your close friends have teenagers that are good with kids? If you find a complete stranger, you could ask if they have any references, and call those references.

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