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Florence Offers “Ceremonials”

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 11-13-2011

I’ve said more than once that my favorite kind of music is country music. However, there always seem to be singers and bands that pinpoint the kind of greatness I’d be missing out on if I listened to nothing but country music. These pinpoints of greatness include Adele, The Gaslight Anthem, Darren Hayes, Eminem, Chris Cornell, and many others. With that said, I believe it is time to add another to that list: Florence And The Machine.
The one thing I like about the sound of this album is that it’s very big. This is the kind of music that is best heard in arenas. It’s not too hard-hitting, like hard rock concerts, but has an atmospheric sound like you may hear in a movie. It’s an experience that you won’t forget, and thanks to Florence And The Machine, can now be enjoyed anywhere you go.  I also love her voice, because it soars on every song like she’s giving it her all. My favorites are “Only If For The Night,” “Never Let Me Go,” and “Lover To Lover.” Of course, I would suggest listening to the whole album.
Fans of Florence won’t be disappointed in this album one bit. It’s just a step up, and there is never anything wrong with that. Enjoy.
My Grade: 5 out of 5 stars