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BSU’s Drinking Policy and Tobacco-Free Policy are Different

Jillian Gandsey | Staff Writer | 11-15-2011

BSU’s Director of Residential Life, R. Dale Ladig, has been with BSU since 1978 and ever since he can remember alcohol has been prohibited on state college campuses.  Only a few things have changed since then. When Ladig started at BSU, it was a state law that all colleges in the MnSCU system weren’t allowed to have alcohol on campus. “I believe in the 80’s, possibly early 90’s, it became MnSCU policy,” claimed Ladig.

The new tobacco-free policy at BSU, which is in its first full year of enforcement, is handled slightly differently from the drinking policy.  For now, the tobacco-free policy is only using soft enforcement.  “We’re basically just asking people, faculty, staff and students, to abide by the policy and getting them to understand a healthy lifestyle,” said Ladig. BSU is still trying to educate people about the policy.

If a student or a faculty member is continually breaking the tobacco-free policy, action will be taken.  In the event that a student is breaking the policy, a report will be filed and given to the University Conduct Officer.  If the violator is a faculty member or staff, a report can be turned into Human Resources and it will then be directed toward his or her supervisor.

Contrary to the tobacco-free policy, BSU’s drinking policy has used direct enforcement.  If the policy is broken, the lowest possible disciplinary action is taken on the first offense.  That usually includes a write-up on an incident report, which is then turned into the hall director. After the first offense, whatever action that is needed to be taken to make the offender fully aware that alcohol is prohibited on campus will be taken.

Alcohol is prohibited throughout BSU’s entire campus, and that does include the residence halls, athletic activities and school activities. The policy also applies to anyone who is on the University’s property, even if he or she is not a member of the BSU community. There are a couple of exceptions, however.  Authorized laboratory experiments and special licensing are sometimes permitted.

Ladig believes that BSU and all other MnSCU schools are handling their drinking policies appropriately. Some institutions allow drinking, but only to a certain extent.  “They just don’t work,” said Ladig.  He also mentioned that sometimes he feels like they “create violators” by not allowing alcohol on campus, but that is the way it has to be.