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Ducks Unlimited Holds 2nd Annual Student Banquet

Sara Lee | News Editor | 11-19-2011

BSU’s Ducks Unlimited chapter held its second annual student-only banquet Tuesday, Nov. 7 at the American Indian Resource Center.

Scott Anderson, Ducks Unlimited’s representative for the Bemidji chapter, explained that proceeds from banquets go to the preservation, restoration, and creation of wetlands in the Pothole Region, an area of land that stretches from Northern Alberta to Iowa. “The money goes to a part of that region with the greatest need,” explained Anderson. Last year, the BSU chapter ranked 8th among all college chapters across the U.S. for funds raised.

Tickets were sold by Ducks Unlimited members for $25 per ticket, and proceeds went towards providing prizes and a dinner. Guests who sported camouflage shirts, jackets, or pants were entered into a gun raffle. The winner of the raffle went home with a Realtree Max4 12-gauge shotgun.
Other prizes included, but were not limited to, duck and goose decoys, hunting apparel, a camouflage crock pot, a camouflage thermos, a swamp seat and a set of knives. Multiple tickets could be bought for $5 to $10 and used to play games such as Plinko and “Duck Pong” in order to win these prizes. Guests also had the option of throwing some of their tickets into a “cash bag.” Whoever had their ticket pulled won the cash inside the bag.
Fifty-five guests attended this banquet, a little less than the anticipated guest list. Ducks Unlimited members hope to get more students at next year’s banquet and a positive turnout for their spring banquet, which is open to students and the public.
If you wish to join BSU’s Ducks Unlimited Chapter, they meet on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m., in the Lower Hobson Union. Scott Anderson can be reached through his email: sanderson@ducks.org.