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Joe Nichols Assures Us “It’s All Good”

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 11-21-2011

When it comes to Joe Nichols you can always be sure of one thing: he knows how to sing a song.  While he may never be known for his songwriting capabilities, he compensates with his innate knowledge of his audience.  Some may not think much of this, but singers like George Strait built a career on their ability to know which songs their fans will enjoy, and then turn it into gold with the power of their voice.  Nichols has been doing this for four albums, and he continues to deliver on It’s All Good.
Now to be clear, there won’t be any songs on here that break boundaries, but that’s not a bad thing.  Nichols has found his niche in a sound that some people call “real country.”  The type of sound he is known for sounds both traditional and contemporary.  Songs that stand out in the album include the upbeat “The More I Look,” the easy going “It’s All Good,” and the album closing “How I Wanna Go” which is the kind of heartfelt song Nichols always seems to hit a home run with.
It’s nice to hear new music from Nichols, and the fact that he hasn’t tried changing his sound is also a plus.  As much as I love the rock-tinged sounds of Eric Church and Jason Aldean, it’s always nice to know that there are singers out there keeping the traditional sound alive.  Fans will not be disappointed in this new collection.

My Grade: 3.5 out of 5 stars