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Aaron Tank Disappoints With “Dancing With No Music”

Laura Talaska | A&E Writer | 11-29-2011

If you are looking for an album to relax to, Aaron Tank’s new album “Dancing With No Music” is the album for you.  “Dancing With No Music” consists of 12 tracks full of wonderful instrumentals and Tank’s unique vocals. His music has a very country/folk vibe to it.

Almost every song on “Dancing With No Music” contains very simple lyrics. In his first track, All We Have, he sings, “sometimes sweetness is so sad, and sometimes it’s all we have.”

Personally, I think his music lacks character and memorability. The whole album reminds me of the children’s TV show “The Wiggles.”

His voice rarely leaves one range, making all of the songs seem like they are at a constant monotone. He barely adds harmonies in any of the tracks. With such a mediocre voice, a harmony here or there would really spice up the songs.

An aspect of the album I do find appealing is the instrumentals. Although his voice is very bland, the different collaborations of instruments are what make up “Dancing With No Music.” Many of the songs mix in some banjo, contributing to the country/folk feel I mentioned earlier.  The seventh song on the album, God Is Here, uses a harmonica to start off the song, adding to the folk feel.

With good instrumentals, mediocre vocals and simple lyrics, Tank creates his album “Dancing With No Music”.

I give this album 1 star out of 5.