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Student Senate Plans for Spring 2012

Jordan Shearer | Staff Writer | 1-18-2012

The second semester of the school year has begun. Nonetheless, before long, it will be finals again. No one will be able to remember what happened to all the time since move-in day, the day that will seem as if it was only a week ago.  However, until then, there are things to do: homework to trudge through, goals to accomplish, and new goals to put in place.
Along with everybody else, Student Senate has its own plans for what it would like to see happen this semester.  One of these plans is to add some creativity to the tunnel system that is scattered below campus.  Co-president Charlie Woodson said that he would like to have ten new murals up before the semester is over.

It appears that this goal is not far off considering there are around seven organizations whose proposed designs have already been approved. Woodson said that they are “just waiting for the paint.” They must use a certain kind of paint due to the fact that there is little to no air flow in the tunnels. For all those who may be interested in seeing their own artwork displayed, there are instructions for the process on the Student Senate’s website.

Also, it looks as if Bemidji State University’s voting location might be changed for this upcoming Presidential election.  In years past, it was held in the John Glas Fieldhouse.  However, due to several factors, such as the building’s temperature being difficult to monitor, Student Senate is helping to have it changed to the American Indian Resource Center.  At this point, Woodson says the deal will probably go through, although it is not quite official.
Of course, many of the things that happen here on campus are only a ripple effect of what is going on in other places, such as the Minnesota capital.  This is why there are a handful of members of Student Senate who will travel down to the Twin Cities this semester.  They lobby for a number of different things such as tuition caps.

One of the things they will be looking to do specifically is to help persuade Senator John Carlson not to vote for the Voter ID bill.  According to MSUSA Campus Coordinator Arlene Cuthrell, this bill would restrict voters so they could only vote in the state indicated on their driver’s license or other photo ID. This would greatly reduce the number of college students who vote considering that many people attend school out of state.  Therefore, there would be fewer votes for the things that really impact and matter to college students.

Student Senate is not only looking at this semester with new ideas.  Rather it is also looking back as it continues to finish up projects from the previous semester.  For instance, it is still involved with the project of bringing more lighting to the trail that runs east of Sattgast.  Student Senate had passed a bill that allowed for an additional light post to be constructed along that path for safety purposes.  The next step in the process is to set up adequate funding for the new light.
Student Senate holds weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 4 in the Crying Wolf Room.