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T.I’s Mixtape is Better Than Your Actual Album

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 1-27-2012

I’m not talking about the actual cassette tape your parents would use to compile their favorite love songs on to help set the mood for a romantic night.  Possibly the night they made you.  Now that you have that disturbing image in your mind (you’re welcome), let’s shift over to the world of hip-hop and rap.
It’s very common for artists to release mixtapes for fans to either keep them happy or to release stuff that they don’t want the labels trying to control.  A lot of times the tracks aren’t very long, and sometimes it’s a just bunch of freestyle tracks.  From the ones I’ve heard, they wouldn’t have a chance in competition with official releases.  However, there have been a few rappers who have been able to make quality mixtapes including Lil Wayne, Drake (launched his career), and now T.I.
I was hesitant when I first downloaded T.I.’s F*Ck Da City Up, because I’m rarely impressed by mixtapes.  However, I’ve been anxious for material from him for awhile so I took a chance.  Let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised.  If this is what he released as just a mixtape, then I can’t wait for his actual album to come this spring.  The tracks on here would fit perfectly on the radio, and in night clubs.  From guest artists like Young Jeezy on the title track, Nelly on “This Time Of Night,” and many more it deserves to be on every rap fan’s iPod.  It’s better than more than half the rap albums that have been released this year.  The tracks aren’t freestyles, but actual hooks and thought out verses.  So do yourself a favor, and go download this.  It’s FREE and LEGAL.  The site is http://www.datpiff.com/.

My Grade: 4 out of 5 stars