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Portion of Tunnel System Remains Closed, Inconveniencing Students

Birch tunnels remain closed for the semester. Photo by Patrick Rudlang

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 1-29-2012

Birch Hall continues to be renovated by contractors and Bemidji State University staff. It is expected to be completed for the upcoming fall semester with a brand new interior and fancy features that will be as good as Linden. That is the future being promised to the students.
Presently, students are facing a rather sporadic winter and are trying to stay warm. Most people retreat to the tunnels to avoid the flurries and the ice but are now unable to make it to and from the education buildings via the tunnels. Due to the construction going on in Birch, a portion of the tunnels have been shut down and walled off to prevent students from getting through.
Since construction is still going on, the tunnel walkway between Decker and Birch Hall will continue to be shut down until the fall. This is being done for the safety of the students during the construction when equipment and loose building material could cause harm if students were to rush though the walkway to get to class on time.
Some students have felt the closed tunnels are not a problem. Jacob Caron, a PAA in Oak Hall, has not been bothered by the lack of tunnel access and personally enjoys the outdoors.
Freshman Ian Adam has had no issue with the tunnels being closed down and is not worried about the winter.
However, many people are annoyed by the lack of access during the winter. Tiffany Hanson, finishing her last year at BSU, is not thrilled by the lack of tunnel access. Since there was talk of the tunnels being open by December, she feels like the workers are procrastinating.
The restricted access for the students will require students to plan accordingly when traveling to classes from the dormitories. Look ahead at the predicted weather and dress appropriately. Stay warm, BSU.