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Public Safety to Ride Bikes Over Summer Semester

Alex Schlee | Staff Writer | 2-2-2012

The site of black BSU public safety vehicles is not uncommon for many students attending the university during its fall and spring semesters.  For students attending BSU over the summer, however, many may see a different breed of vehicle bearing public safety officers around campus.

The BSU Public Safety office will be using bicycles once the snow melts this year.  This method of transportation has been employed for many years, but beginning this year, the security guards around campus will be using bikes more heavily.  Bike patrol will now be mandatory for security officers during summer months.  This new practice will be saving BSU a lot of money normally spent on gas for the security office’s two patrol cars.  The patrol bikes aren’t free of course; funding for the bikes and further maintenance on them comes from the BSU security department.

While this procedure is not directly involved with BSU’s green campus initiative, it certainly pertains to the same set of values.  In addition to saving money, public safety is also using less gas, reducing the level of emissions from their vehicles during patrols.  Wear and tear on the vehicles is also being taken into account; public safety hopes that using bicycles will take a bit of a load off of their heavily-used SUVs.

The use of bikes around campus is more than a way to cut back on money and gas.  In doing this, public safety is making its officers more open to the campus.  According to public safety officer Casey McCarthy, taking patrols on bikes is a good way to do some community placing and makes security officers more approachable.

“[The bikes are] a more personable way to meet people and keep in touch around campus,” said Charles Bennett, a worker at the front desk of the BSU Security desk in Walnut Hall.