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Review: Big Apple Bagels

Jordan Shearer | Staff Writer | 2-5-2012
This is the first school year that the Big Apple Bagel restaurant has been open for business.  Therefore, considering that it does not have a long established reputation one way or another, a lot of questions can surface.

To begin with, it does provide well-made food.  In the spirit of its name, it makes its specialty sandwiches on bagels stuffed with meat, rich seasonings and cheeses. Also, it sells bagels in bulk in the standard quantity measurements of small, medium, and large, or the Mini Deal, the Dozen Deal, and the Mega Deal respectively. A large glass case is displayed next to the front counter containing a slew of muffins and other assorted baked goods.

The price for one of the specialty sandwiches is $5.99.  They like to advertise that one of these sandwiches can be transformed into a meal for an extra $1.99 which will add on a fountain drink and three mini muffins from that enchanting glass case full of sweets.  However, something that must be mentioned about the mini muffins is that they are just that.  Although they are delicious, they are bite-sized, nonetheless.

They provide triple deckers for $7.79 and gourmet sandwiches for $5.59.  Also, the soup of the day can be purchased at $3.29 for a cup and $4.99 for a bowl.  Further, their house specialty drinks are around $3.80, making them comparable to what can be found at Java City.

The place itself has an interesting atmosphere.  On one level, it is trying to obtain the feeling of a European coffee shop.  It has cushioned chairs in the corner next to coffee tables equipped with newspapers. Plaques depicting the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben hang on the walls along with semi-abstract, artistic framed prints.  Somehow, they are meant to give customers the feeling of a unique, cultural restaurant that has resisted all forces of the fast food industry.

The only problem with this attempt is that it was not quite accomplished.  For example, within this laid-back restaurant remain some traces of the stereotypical commercialized chain restaurant. It has a large soda fountain machine right next to the framed art works.  Streamers hang from the ceiling, and the radio featured music such at Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and Hot Chelle Rae’s “Tonight Tonight.”  Popular songs, they may be.  It’s just that they don’t fit very well with the perceived environment.

The employees are friendly enough.  At least part of the staff consists of a number of high school students.  They smile; they take the orders; they give out the food, and that’s that.  Obviously, there is no reason to go into deep discussion with every fast food employee in the market, but if the place is at least attempting to have slightly warmer atmosphere, perhaps the employees could be just a little bit warmer to match.

Although there are a few minor things that could be better about the place, it is still a nice place to eat. So, should it at least be given a try? Yes.  After all, the main goal when going out is to simply enjoy good food.  They do accomplish that.