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Small Residential Changes to Come

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 2-9-2012

Photo by Patrick Rudlang
Residential Life will be making a few changes in on-campus housing for the upcoming years.

Beginning next fall, all freshmen will be required to be a part of the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) program. The buildings reserved for FYRE are all of Oak Hall, all of Pine Hall, and 10th and 11th floor of Tamarack Hall. Right now, first floor of Oak is not available for returning students. This is because Residential Life wants to be sure there are enough rooms for freshmen when they move in.

There is an expected maximum of 725 freshmen that can fit in the FYRE program. If the amount is closer to about 630 freshmen arriving, the first floors in Oak will be available to returning students. While the Open Boarders program is not a part of FYRE, any students living on those floors would be expected to participate in FYRE events. This would be required of international students and national students.

This means returning students and transfer students are going to be limited to housing in Tamarack, Linden, and Birch Hall. There will be no floor or hall reserved for one particular class. Residential Life feels that more juniors and seniors are going to try for suite housing rather than getting a double room. There is no requirement saying seniors must live in a particular hall. Linden and Birch are designed to be more appealing to upperclassmen or returning students but were not meant to be limited to upperclassmen.

Because of the number of single rooms in Birch, 35-40 according to Residential Life Director Dale Ladig, it is assumed that upperclassmen will prefer those rooms and will fill them quickly. Students that were living in Birch prior to the renovation will also get priority to return to Birch once it is completed.

Dale Ladig also went on to say that there is no one housing option for all students. “In a perfect world,” Ladig said, “I think we would have an apartment option, a suite option, and something along the lines like Birch… a large amount of single rooms, double rooms, and common bathroom but very privatized,” which would be used for sophomore students entering a transition period for living more on their own but still having an interaction with other students.