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Condom Bingo Caps Off Sexual Responsibility Week

Students gathered in the Oak Hall Lounge on Thursday, February 16th for a few rounds of Condom Bingo, one of the many events of Sexual Responsibility Week. Photo by: Kailer Overman

Morgan Bartlett | Staff Writer | 2-20-2012

When the question, “What do you call someone who has never engaged in sexual intercourse?” was called, a chorus of voices intoned, “A virgin…” But one student sitting at a front row table declared, “Smart!” and was followed by a moment of laughter from the bingo players.

This may sound like something one would find on ‘Overheard at Bemidji State’, but it was one of the best quotes heard all night at Condom Bingo, an event hosted by Lifestyle Educators as a part of Sexual Responsibility Week. Oak Hall staff partnered in putting on the event, providing the venue and refreshments for the participants. Other events this week included the Charity Dream Date Auction,  karaoke in Lower Union on Valentine’s Day, the ‘Sex, Drugs and Everything In Between’  presentation with guest speaker Julia Garcia, and a DVD presentation that addressed sexual assaults on college campuses across the country.

According to Lifestyle Educators staff member Taylor Strand, the idea for a campus-wide Sexual Responsibility Week was taken from a similar event that was put on at St. Cloud State University, and Jay Passa was the person who brought it to BSU. The purpose of the week is to educate and raise awareness of open communication, personal safety, and of course responsible relationship practices.

As far as Condom Bingo went, it was a success in this reporter’s eyes. The Oak Hall lounge was fuller than I’ve seen it in a while, and there were groups of players sitting on the floor and on couches and chairs. The atmosphere was light and fun; everyone was talking and laughing as they tried to find the correct answer to the question on their Bingo cards. I was able to talk to a few players, and the general consensus was positive–they were definitely enjoying themselves. At the end of the night the Lifestyle Educators staff called for a blackout, and prizes were given out to the winners. The night proved to be a success, and if nothing else, it was a fun and lighthearted way to get a very important message across.