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BSU Hit With Crime Spree

These notices were hung around campus by BSU Public Safety. Photo by Alex Schlee.

Alex Schlee | Staff Writer | 2-22-2012

Yellow security notices litter the bulletin boards in each building around the BSU, alerting students to the presence of a burglar on campus.

The weeks near the end of January through the beginning of February were busy for the thief (or thieves) in question; several buildings around campus were broken into over the course of the weeks leading up to February 3rd when the security notices were posted.

The thefts occurred throughout the lecture halls around campus.  No unusual reports have come from the dormitories that the security office currently knows about.

The property lost mostly consisted of electronic equipment ranging from anything as small as a camera to laptops and computer monitors; a laptop was stolen out of Sattgast Hall on February 2.  The notice put out by BSU Public Safety cites a weighing scale as being amongst the missing equipment.

In addition to the electronic appliances taken from campus buildings, the thefts have hit the streets and parking lots.  Several cars around campus have been broken into and a solar panel was lifted from a crosswalk sign on Birchmont Drive on February 11.

The thefts have mostly occurred throughout the buildings and offices on campus.  An intrusion alarm was sounded in the Education Arts building on the 6th, but responding officers found no intruder and nothing appeared to be missing.

Several offices in Bangsberg Hall were burglarized, resulting in several items of university property being stolen.  The theater shop director’s office was amongst the rooms broken into, along with the Main Stage Theater and the Thompson Recital Hall, from which a projector was stolen.

Some theater students suspect that the thief may have hidden in the piano practice rooms on the third floor of the building and waited for security to do their sweep before moving downstairs and prying open the doors of the theater and gaining access to the shop and offices.  This is just student speculation and not an official verdict from BSU Public Safety.

Records of public safety incidents can be found outside the security office in Walnut Hall.  BSU Public Safety has encouraged anyone with information regarding the break-ins to contact their office in Walnut Hall.  Until these incidents have been resolved, students are encouraged to keep their doors locked and to not leave their belongings (specifically electronics) unattended in public.