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Gotye Debuts in the States with “Making Mirrors”

Matt Lavrenz | Staff Writer | 3-1-2012

These days, the Internet is a powerful tool for emerging artists and introducing well-known foreign talent to other countries.  It’s helped now-superstars like Justin Bieber, and made a duo like Karmin popular just from their covers.
In the last month, another artist, Gotye (go-ti-yay), has gained quite a bit of momentum in the United States with celebrities like Carson Daly and Ryan Seacrest tweeting a link to his video, “Somebody That I Used To Know.”

The hit song from the Belgium-born and Melbourne-raised singer-songwriter is just a taste from his newest effort released in the beginning of December. The album, entitled Making Mirrors, is definitely an adventurous album with an organ and horns on the very upbeat “In Your Light,” and then there’s Gotye’s auto-tuned voice, which makes him sound like he’s singing lower and slower.  It’s one of those albums that, even though it has a distinct sound, as a whole each song is definitely its own unique thing.

Now, if you are only into the stuff you hear coming out of the Top 40 stations, then this probably won’t be the album for you.  It’s one of those albums that requires you to pay attention, but the listener looking for something different than what’s on radio won’t be disappointed.  Not only is the production exciting, but the man’s voice is equally enjoyable.  However, be sure to give it more than one listen to get the full feel of the album.

My Grade: 3.5 Out Of 5