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PEHS Club Hosts 2nd Annual Dodgeball Tourney

Alex Berg | Sports Editor | 3-1-2012
Shouts of “dude you’re out,” echoed in the Memorial Hall gym last Sunday as the PEHS club hosted its second annual dodgeball tournament. 

PEHS is a club for physical education, exercise science, and sport management majors.
Each team was charged $15 to enter the tournament and the top two teams were given headbands as a prize.

“It is fifty dollars per team for intramural sports,” said Laura Lee, the club’s president. “At fifteen dollars per team and about six players per team here it is roughly $2.50 per person to play.”


Photo by Patrick Rudlang

There were four teams entered in the tournament: “Liters to Pounds,” “Senators,” “Flying Turtles,” and “the Lion King.” 

In the double-elimination tournament, the Flying turtles defeated the Lion King and Liters to Pounds to get in the championship. The Lion King, despite only having four players, were able to claw back into the championship for a second shot at the Flying Turtles.

The Flying Turtles continued their dominance as they won the series 3-1 to finish undefeated.


Photo by Patrick Rudlang

“We do a couple of tournaments throughout the year,” Lee said. “We’re hoping that some of the people that came here will tell their friends about it and come back.

The next event is likely to be volleyball towards the end of the school year.

“We were worried that it would be a ghost town tonight with the [snowy] weather,” Lee said. “But we were happy that teams came out and played. I think everybody had a good time.

Photo by Patrick Rudlang