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Review: Madeon

Matt Lavrenz | A&E Writer | 3-12-2012

Every once in a while a musician comes along that stands above most others. This artist has the ability to make people feel certain ways and get into the music. Sometimes this is because they have a unique sound, sometimes because of sheer talent and sometimes because of both.  And sometimes, this artist is 17.

Madeon is a 17-year-old French musician who specializes in electronic music. He started composing at age 11 under his birth name Hugo Leclercq. In 2010 he came up with the stage name Madeon and started remixing.

One of his most famous remixes is Pendulum’s “The Island” along with a remix of “Raise Your Weapon” by Deadmau5.  “Pop Culture” is probably the most unique song he has written. It is a mash-up of 39 different songs that he was listening to at the time and it is definitely worth a listen.

His most recent single, “Icarus” was released on February 24 under his label popcultur. It is one of his more chill songs, yet it still has that driving bass drum in the background. There is a good sense of layering in his most recent song, and it is easy to tell that even though he is already extremely talented, he is still learning and getting better.

He has yet to release an album,  although he has produced a massive amount of singles.