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Uncertainty Surrounds Campus Vandalism

Alex Schlee | Staff Writer | 3-15-2012

Leading into the week before spring break, BSU saw a short streak of vandalism.  On Saturday, February 25, the night of the BSU basketball team’s big win, a group of students passing through the tunnels under Walnut stumbled upon a cluster of symbols spray-painted onto a wall.

There were two markings originally, one large enough to reach from floor to ceiling, the other quite small and resembling some sort of personal tag or initials.  This graffiti was instantly reported to the Public Safety office by the discoverer, who wished to remain anonymous.

Soon after the discovery of the original graffiti, several other sites were found around campus.  Another marking, identical to the smaller tag found in the tunnels, was later found in Walnut Hall on the wall facing Pine. This tag was again duplicated over a mural on the rear of Memorial, across from the top-floor entrance to Sattgast.  An exit sign in the basement of Tamarack was also defaced, having its cover removed and the inside vandalized with the same tag popping up elsewhere on campus.

The graffiti has long since been removed; the original tag was effaced almost immediately.  The destroyed exit sign has also been repaired and now has a cage over it to protect it from a repeat incident.  The Public Safety office does not seem to have any leads on the culprit, and would not release any other information. Anyone with information on these incidents is encouraged to report to the Public Safety office in Walnut.