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Supper for a Buck; Cheap Meals and Good Company

Alice Thielges | Staff Writer | 3-22-2012

Students enjoy Supper for a Buck at the Lutheran Campus Ministry every Thursday. Photo by: Kailer Overman

Here at BSU, there is a lot of diversity across the  student body. From loving to hunt, fi

sh, figure skate or play ball, there is one thing students all have in common: We love to eat.  There is only one problem with eating anything we want, and that is money.  Let’s face the facts, college students are not by any means “loaded.”  We want to save money,  but it is important to eat well.  Thankfully for BSU students and community members, the Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) hosts Supper for a Buck.
Supper For a Buck is a program that takes place  every Thursday from 5-6:30 PM.  Students can bring just one dollar, and exchange it for some home cooking. The LCM is located just across the street from Bangsberg–walking distance from the dorms.  Whether it’s chilly or hot outside, Supper for a Buck gives us all an excuse to take a nice stroll. From chili dogs, spaghetti and beef stroganoff, the LCM certainly gives a great bargain;  their meals even include dessert.  The LCM recently featured a green cake in the shape of a shamrock in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.
Visitors may sit outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather.  There is a wide variety of food t

o choose from each week. Occasionally, they will even have live music. For instance, a couple friends were playing the guitar for a crowd last time freshman Keyla Kraus attended. “I enjoyed listening to the different songs the guitars played while socializing over dinner,” she stated.
Many citizens enjoy the thrills of free music and cheap food. Pastor Jim Holthus, better known as PJ, first arrived to the ministry in September of 2000, when Supper for a Buck first started. Church members around Bemidji sign up in groups to vo

lunteer  cooking each meal. Another great help in preparing the dinners are the OTE fraternity and the Delta Theta Kappa sorority. Each semester, fraternity and sorority students will make a signature meal for everyone.
If there are no groups signed up prior to Thursday, there are actually students who live in the LCM house. These students are peer ministers and will provide a helping hand whenever necessary.
The funds from Supper for a Buck will often go toward supplies for making meals  and will also support the LCM’s retreats in the spring and fall. All in all, Supper for a Buck is a great way to spend time with good friends and good food.  Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening in the beautiful outdoors with some nice people and affordable eats?