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Climbing in Moab: Horizontally Challenged’s Spring Break Trip

Sara Wielenberg | Staff Writer | 3-26-2012

Horizontally Challenged and the OPC took a trip to Moab, Utah for some biking, hiking, and climbing over spring break. Photos provided by Horizontally Challenged.

After an unprecedentedly mild winter, spring has arrived to the dismay of none here in Bemidji.  Not even a month after a thick blanket of snow dominated the terrain and over 10 inches of ice covered the lake, the grass is going greener than BSU’s recycling policy, and the fish can almost see the light of day.  Winter has certainly gone out with absolutely no bang, transitioning from mild to milder without issue.

Around campus, people seem to be coming out of the woodwork as the snow recedes.  The lawn in front of Oak Hall has been teeming for days with students eager to soak up the out-of-doors as soon as they can.  It’s hard to walk from Oak to Walnut without nearly getting hit by a Frisbee or a ball of some sort.

With the snow gone, many students have gathered together to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  A wide variety of activities have now become available to BSU students.  Some have taken up Frisbee golfing at the course near Perkins, others have taken up something a little less conventional.  A small group of students has started a game called “lightsaber ninja,” and plays in the courtyard behind B-wing of Oak Hall.  The game is a variation of another simply called “ninja,” in which the goal is to slap the hands of one’s opponent with one swift stroke.  This new version is pretty much the same thing, except using plastic lightsabers instead of one’s own hands.

While there are many outdoor activities that can be seen around campus, such as the aforementioned Frisbee golfing, or the very popular and fun ultimate Frisbee, the lightsaber ninja group is probably one of the most unique and creative team games to be found on campus.  Founded at the beginning of fall semester, “L’Etoile du Nord” as the group calls themselves on their Facebook group, began meeting again last weekend when the weather began getting nicer in leaps and bounds.

After last year’s brutal winter, some hail the mild weather over the past months as a blessing.  Already, students have dragged out their shorts and t-shirts, their sandals and running shoes.  Around this time last year, people had barely put away their heavy winter parkas, let alone even thought about their summer wardrobe.

But is it really time to hang up the sweatshirts already?  One of the most notable aspects of last winter was the sudden and extreme snowfall that hit around the beginning of April.  This unseasonable snow was prefaced by a heat wave that brought what looked like a strong beginning to spring.  It should be kept in mind that the weather could change at the drop of a hat; this is probably not likely to happen this year, given Old Man Winter’s current track record.