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Justin Bieber Pays $3.8 Million for BSU Mascot Rights

Alex Berg | Sports Editor | 4-1-2012

Teen pop star Justin Bieber announced late Saturday night that he is donating $3.8 million to Bemidji State University Athletics in exchange for the program to switch its nickname from “Beavers” to “Biebers.”

“I’m really excited,” the 18-year-old singer said. “I think it will be a great opportunity to connect with a generation of people my age.”

The transition of the school’s nickname will begin in the fall semester of 2012. Along with the name change, Bieber has offered to make exclusive remixes dedicated to the BSU athletic teams for pre-game motivation.

“I think it’s great,” Bemidji State freshman Aaron Carter said. “The school gets some much-needed funding as well as a lot of national recognition.”

Bieber’s financial team has also announced that he will play a free show for students at the Sanford Center every BSU homecoming for the next eight years.

The admissions office at BSU predicts that BSU will see a 500 percent increase in females applying for admission. “We might as well just make it an all girls school now,” joked Deputy Hall janitor John Jackson.

Carter–and many other guys–are excited for the girls that Bieber will bring to campus. “My girlfriend did not want to come here before,” Carter explained. “But now all of a sudden she doesn’t think Stanford is so important.”

Although Oregon State University–also named the “Beavers”–only asked for $750,000 for the name change, Bieber said that Northern Minnesota has a special meaning for him.

“Being from Canada, I actually made it down here to visit family a couple of times,” Bieber explained in his press conference. “I had a great-uncle that lived over by Walker when I was younger. I remember camping with him in the forests surrounding Lake Bemidji. He passed away when I was 13, so I want to make this a tribute to him.”

The final piece of the agreement is allowing students to use up to 25 percent of their “Bieber bucks” on iTunes.

“I think it is great for everyone,” Bieber said of the iTunes agreement. “It will cut down on illegal piracy and give students a new option on how to spend their campus money.”

“I’m just really excited for this opportunity,” Bieber concluded. “I can’t wait to show the people of Bemidji what I have in store for them.”