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SCHC Shows Students New Facility

Alex Schlee | Staff Writer | 4-3-2012

The Student Center for Health and Counseling held an open house on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 28 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.  Around 100 students, faculty, staff and community members were in attendance throughout the afternoon.

The open house was the Health Center’s way of celebrating a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, as well as the new facility they moved into at the beginning of the fall semester.  They used this event as a chance to promote the services they offer to BSU students through the new EMR system, including an online appointment-making system, a secure messaging system with their patients, and the ability to refill prescription medications.

“We wanted to show everyone the new facility,” said Kristi Reiplinger, a nurse and office manager at the Health Center.

The Health Center’s new facility, located in the first floor of Cedar, has been around for the better part of a school year, but the staff held off on holding an official open house until now.  The facility has only recently been completed; its office furniture and interior decorations were from their old facility in Birch Hall.  According to Reiplinger, it was generally shabby, old, and needed to be replaced.  Now that the facility has been furnished with all-new furniture and equipment, its staff finally felt ready to welcome their clientele properly.

The Health Center plans on making it a regular event to raise awareness for their services in future semesters, though whether it will become an annual or more frequent event is yet to be determined.  It is certain, however, that a similar open house event will be held sometime during the fall semester of 2012.

“A lot of students don’t know we’re here,” said Reiplinger.

At the event, refreshments such as punch, popcorn, cookies and coffee were offered to guests.  All attendees were awarded door prizes and registered for a drawing to win additional prizes.  The prizes included a BSU blanket, a BSU hoodie, two Bucky the Beaver bobble-heads, a $5 gift certificate to the Cabin Coffee shop downtown, and a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to the BSU bookstore.

The Health Center planned to have things to hand out at the open house to raise awareness for their services; things like magnets and hand sanitizer dispensers, but they arrived too late to have them available at the event.  The Health Center now has stacks of magnets with their contact information printed on them available at their office to hand out to all their future visitors.