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New Milkshake Machine: C3 Brings All The Boys to Yard

Alice Thielges | Staff Writer | 4-11-2012

Photo by: Kailer Overman

How many miles do you have to travel to get to the nearest place to grab a milkshake? Five? Ten? None? We can all say none. Walnut Hall’s C3 store has just added a milkshake machine, provided by Aramark, the company that operates the C3 stores, Lakeside Food Court, Upper Deck, and Northwoods Dining Center (Wally’s).

Not only does this machine provide milkshakes with different types of ice cream, but plenty of smoothies with exotic flavors, as well. Each time I have been there, I have had to face a formidable queue of my fellow students.

Students seem to be going crazy over the new shakes. Freshman Philip Pasch claims he’s “the reason they’re always out.”

Although the machine is only two weeks old, it has brought the Walnut C3 a lot of business. Unfortunately, within the first week of its arrival, the machine blew a fuse, and was left out of order for a few days until someone could fix it.

In addition to maintenance issues, we’ve all had to put our new addiction on hold for a few days while the store could stock up on more supplies.  It may seem like the machine isn’t going too smoothly, but it looks as if both problems are finally fixed.

My personal favorite shake is cookies ‘n’ cream, but everyone else seems to prefer the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup flavor. At a cost of just three dollars, you’re able to choose how thick you’d like your smoothie or shake to be. So, whether you’re feeling chocolaty or fruity, there’s something for everyone!