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New Campus Skateboarding Policy Shot Down

Alex Schlee | Staff Writer | 4-16-2012
Photo by Laura Talaska.
As a green campus, BSU is always in support of alternative methods of transportation that don’t require fossil fuels.  Students using bikes, rollerblades, and scooters can be seen moving all about campus freely on any given day, but skateboarders are a rare sight.  Bemidji State does not allow skateboards on campus; the policy banning them from campus includes both regular skateboards and longboards.  The current rules exists as a precaution for the safety of students.

At the beginning of the year, the BSU Student Senate attempted to pass a bill adjusting the policy on skateboarding.  The bill would have allowed longboarding, but still banned normal skateboards.  According to David Andrade, Student Senate Co-President, longboards are favored over normal skateboards because it is more difficult to do tricks on them, making injury less of a factor.

“We felt [the policy] was discriminatory against longboarders,” explained Andrade.

Members of the Student Senate believe longboards are just as legitimate a method of transportation as bikes and rollerblades, which the university endorses as environmentally-friendly.  They wanted to pass a rethought version of the rule to create a more open atmosphere for all methods of transportation employed by students.

The new revision on the skateboarding policy was drafted at the beginning of fall semester of 2011.  It has since been turned down by the BSU administration, leaving the policy unchanged.