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Reviews: Walk the Moon

Matt Lavrenz | A&E Writer | 4-19-2012

One fun thing about listening to music that is “less than heard of” is the fact that you can pick and choose what will be the next big hit. For example, Adele became an overnight superstar on the radio dial recently, even though her most recent album, “21,” dropped about a year before it was heard on a broadcast. The most recent song rising to popularity seems to be “Little Talks” by Iceland-based indie band Of Monsters and Men.

This song is pretty great, but my next hit song prediction is a song by Walk the Moon called “Anna Sun”. I first heard this song on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I was wowed by their sound. Usually it takes more than one song to sell me on a band, but they had me from the first chorus. “Anna Sun” is off their debut album “I Want! I Want!” from late 2010 but wast just recently re-released on their only available EP, also titled Anna Sun.

This EP features three songs, all of which have a similar sound, which is kind of an 80s synth-based sound. The bass-lines of their songs are really prominent, which is a refreshing change from most modern songs, considering that a lot of bands today do not even have a bass on their tracks. The music video is a good one too, featuring some of the strangest, nerdiest dance moves I have seen in a while.

Walk the Moon is definitely a band worth checking out, and I think you can expect to hear them on the radio soon.