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Administration to Update Classrooms

Alex Schlee | Staff Writer | 4-20-2012

Photos by: Laura Talaska

Many feel that BSU’s classrooms are in need of updating.  In the coming months, BSU administration will have their sights set on carrying out these updates, though which classrooms will be renovated is yet to be determined.

A request for proposals to update some classrooms around BSU was due on March 31, and a decision on what is to be done, and where, will be chosen from the requests submitted sometime within the next week.

The proposals presented on March 31 included a wide variety of upgrades to the academic buildings around campus.  These ranged from things like expanding lecture halls to noise control and new technology.  Many classrooms are in need of better ventilation and new lighting fixtures, as well.  In keeping with BSU’s green campus policy, many of the upcoming renovations will aim to make a more energy-efficient learning space.

As of right now, a decision on exactly which classrooms will be affected by the new initiative to fix up the lecture halls is yet to be reached.  Dr. Patrick Guilfoile, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, could not say much on the matter because of its tentative status.  It is certain, though, that the initiative will affect rooms in nearly every academic building on campus, except possibly Hagg-Sauer Hall.

BSU administration has been pooling money together for a Repair and Betterment fund to use for the classroom improvement initiative.  In total, $250,000 has been set aside to put behind this project; they aim to use it to improve the classrooms to make them more flexible in their uses and allow for different methods of teaching.

“The intention is to improve the learning environment [on campus],” said Guilfoile.

The renovations to the classrooms will not interfere with the normal class schedules of BSU students.  The work on the to-be-determined spaces will take place during the university’s calmer summer months, when a lot of classrooms will not be occupied.  Classroom renovations are not expected to interfere with summer courses.