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Prop Room Giveaway

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 4-27-2012

Photo by: Patrick Rudlang

After many years of servicing the theater department’s plays, the prop rooms in Bangsberg are going out of commission. These props include toys, suitcases, old phones, ugly pictures, and anything else that might need to be on stage during performances. With the theater program closing down, there will be little demand for the props to be used by campus performances. Many of the props will be donated to local theater productions as well as other MnSCU theater departments. Whatever is not being donated has been thrown out.
There were three different prop rooms used for various supplies. The first one is a trap room located under the main stage. It is used for furniture and costumes that are used by actors. There were costumes used for plays that took place in the past such as The Crucible and The Man of La Mancha and modern plays like Proof and The Butcher of Baraboo. Furniture ranged from chairs to stools, couches to ottomans, and even desks and nightstands.
The second prop room is located near the Black Box Theater. This was used for all the little items thrown on the stage for people to interact with. This included: toys, buckets, rotary phones, centerpieces, radios, fake flowers and anything that could be easily scattered around as scenery. The last room was known as the glass room. This was where any kitchen supplies were kept, as well as fake food that was used for appearance rather than eating.
The other room used was the theater shop. This would be where flats or backdrops would be kept when a scene or play did not call for them. The room also doubled as the weapon room which housed the swords, knives, guns, and any other fake weapon used by actors.
Students working in theater productions would see the prop rooms as something where everything was found. Some had found memories of the rooms. Kirin Peterson liked the glass room’s hidden area that had a spiral staircase set up while Becky Cote was fond of the creepy, haunted hallway located under the stage. With the loss of the theater program, there will be a decrease in the amount of props needed. Hopefully the ones that are given away will be put to good use and treated fairly.