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Twelve things college students are doing on 12/12/12 (Reading Day)

Bill Stafford | Columnist | 12-12-2012

Did you think Nov. 11 last year was a big deal? Well today is the last day in the near future where the month, day and year will match up, and, in celebration, we have here a few ways students are spending their 12/12/12 reading day at Bemidji State University.

The first is actually what students are NOT doing today. Campus is a ghost town, and even the library has only a sprinkling of students trying to fend off Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to strap in some knowledge for upcoming finals. If you forgot a pencil today, you would be more likely to find a lost one in the corner than a student to borrow one from.

The Hobson Union is also uncharacteristically quiet as well with only one small group of students sitting around a table discussing classes, finals and gossip. Painters and workers are busy, however, completing the new Einstein Bagels opening soon in the Lower Union. There is, of course, a line for caffeine at Java City, fueling students for finals. “Coffee is finals,” one customer told me while standing in line.

Also in the theme of today is the weather. At a balmy 12 degrees above (it really was exactly 12 when I checked) there is not much for outdoor activities today. However, with the chill in the air, many will soon bear the cold in their fish and spear houses, hoping on the catch of the year.

Finals are stressful enough the way it is, but being a Bemidji State student athlete during finals week must tip the sanity scales to crazy. Senior women’s hockey captain Sadie Lundquist described how she’s spending her reading day after a tough series with Minnesota this past weekend. “I’ll be out on the lake playing boot hockey all day and studying for final exams.” Lundquist will graduate with sport management and business administration this year.

For some upperclassman, this is their eighth to 10th go-round with the finals monster, and this time of year should come as second nature to them. But what about those new students experiencing finals week for the first time? Freshman Nate Stott gave me some inside information about how the younger class is spending their reading day. “The ones who have papers due like me are in their room writing, but other than that the majority of the guys are sleeping and playing COD (Call of Duty).”

Feeling really stressed out about finals? Yesterday, students took advantage of “De-stress with Pets,” where pets from the Beltrami Humane Society were available to cuddle and play with in the Crying Wolf Room. If being amazed is more your idea of a study break, then be sure to check out magician Jared Sherlock at 9 p.m. in HS100 for your mind to be blown by something other than your study guide.

No real studying can be done on an empty stomach, and if your homework takes you late into the night, do not forget about Midnight Breakfast from 10 p.m. to midnight at Northwoods Dining Center in Walnut Hall. ARAMARK will be serving pancakes, sausage links, scrambled eggs and other breakfast foods free to students with a student ID.

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